Please follow the instructions below before submitting a testing video.
  • Before submitting a testing video, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the stated policies below.

  • If your testing video does not comply with the below stated requirements, you will be asked to re-submit your testing video. No additional charges will be incurred for these submissions.

Example video:

Information about your video:

  1. Title: ("Dan P., #0000001-US, Beginner level-1"). - ("Your first name, full registration number, and testing level").

  2. Current date.

  3. Skating footage (must be uncut).

Footage Requirements:

  1. One front and side-view camera shot in regular motion and uncut.

  2. You have up to two do-overs per trick (the do-over must be performed immediately after if you make a mistake).

  3. You must successfully complete each trick including front and side views, before doing the next trick.

  4. There can not be any cuts in the video. You must know the material. However, you can do the tricks in any order.

Video Content:

  • Testing video may not contain any links or written content other than the title information.

  • Testing video may not contain any music (other than the music playing in the background at the rink).

  • Testing video may not have any foul language (including in the background sound).

  • Testing video must have sufficient light (please do not record during teen night or DJ night).

  • Testing video must be clear enough to see. Stay close to the camera. Video can not be blurry.

  • If someone passes in front of you or the camera while doing a movement, you have to do the movement over.

  • The camera must be kept relatively still. If the camera is following you, make sure you stay in the camera shot.

  • Only you the tester, can be in the video shot, except for background skaters.

  • Camera shot must show you so that you are big enough to see and judge. Pretend as if you were judging your own video: are you big enough to see small details such as spacing between your knees?