Want to become an Xtreme Ice Skating Instructor? Please follow our instructions below:
  1. Read and agree to our terms of service.

  2. Create a testing video according to these requirements.

  3. Submit your testing video on this page. *Testing fees are currently being waived.

Overview of the testing process:

  • There are four main skill categories: Beginner, Intermediary, Professional, and Master. All participants must start at the Beginner level-1 test. There are four to five tests per skill level. All tests follow video requirements which must be followed before submitting a testing video. Each test is either judged by Dan Perceval or a certified Instructor. You must pass each test in order starting from the lowest level to the highest. If you pass a test, you'll receive a certificate of recognition. If you pass the Instructor's test, you'll receive an Instructor's Certificate. You will also be placed on our certified instructors page so potential students and other skaters can see your credentials.