Meet the founder of the sport Xtreme Ice Skating, Dan Perceval:
  • Age: 
  • Degree: Business Computer Information Systems
  • Interests: ice-skating, aggressive skating, bodyboarding, the beach, piano, reading, health & nutrition, business, science, space exploration, bio-technology, and etc..

What is Xtreme Ice Skating?

"Xtreme Ice Skating is such a raw combination of creativity, power, risk-taking, uniqueness, and showmanship that one's capacity for experience becomes endless. It is this new combination of thrill-seeking and adrenaline-inducing activity that defines Xtreme Ice Skating."

When did you start to put the Xtreme in ice-skating?

"I felt inspired to create my own extreme sport in 2005 after emulating the tricks and moves of many aggressive skaters, skateboarders, hockey players and the like. I started out developing never been seen before tricks, tricks emulated from other athletes and sports, and created a platform that would soon serve as the displine for the sport Xtreme Ice Skating."

The culture of Xtreme Ice Skating:

"Xtreme Ice Skating is an extreme sports culture on the ice. It's more like a way of life. Even when I'm not at the rink - - whether I'm at the beach or at work: I'm an Xtreme Ice Skater. I live the Xtreme Ice Skating life, both on and off the ice."

How did Xtreme Ice Skating get started?

"Xtreme Ice Skating started when I decided to create the sport when I was in college(higher education) in March 2005. I had always been an entrenepreneur and was a pretty good skater and athlete, so I decided to bring my two passions together: ice-skating and business. Two months before graduating college (majoring in business), I had done some market research and gained some insight into starting a new sport. After a month or so, I made the decision to go ahead with the idea and live my dream. At 23, I found myself creating a new sport, not knowing how many years of hard work and grit it would take to make my dream a reality. Currently, I am still working to achieve my dream - - always learning and collaborating with others - - never giving up."

What do you love about Xtreme Ice Skating?

"Risk-taking and creativity is what I enjoy most about the sport. While it's fun to inspire others, I find Xtreme Ice Skating most engaging when I'm challenging myself to learn new things on the ice. There's always something to aspire to in life, but creativity and lots of energy is something I can definitely relate to."

What is your vision of the sport?

"Hopefully some day our sport will change the world and how it views ice-skating as an extreme sport. My long-term vision for Xtreme Ice Skating is to see the sport become a worldwide discipline enjoyed by the masses, and hopefully a sport everyone can enjoy, even if it's just the cultural aspect of the sport."