Representatives are leaders of our sport who engage in active roles in developing, researching, and promoting Xtreme Ice Skating. Representives work at nearly the highest level of the sport.

Ariel Lombardi (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Musician and writer, Ariel began ice-skating a few years ago. However his passion and focus for ice-skating helped him to learn skating much faster than most. He manages to be aggressive and wild on the ice, even though the rinks in his country are tiny and the public has not yet accepted this extreme form of skating yet. Ariel's attention to detail, insight, and the every day interactions of people, music, and events is what makes Ariel a great leader.

Dan Perceval (Long Island N.Y., United States Of America)

An enthusiast of water and ice sports, Dan took an interest in ice-skating at twelve years of age. Dan didn't pursue ice-skating at a serious level until age twenty three. From there, Dan started the sport Xtreme Ice Skating, which opened up the opportunity for him to meet skaters from all over the world.