Explanation of edge-jumps:
An edge-jump is when a skater converts their forward momentum & downward energy into vertical leap. When an edge-jump is performed correctly, the skater feels a push, almost as if it's a natural push coming from the ice. Edge-jumps requires a lot less effort than one would apply otherwise from having used brute force. The release point for most edge jumps is the toe area of the blade. Some edge-jumps however have a release point located at the middle of the blade. These particular type of center-blade edge-jumps pertain to Forward Edge-jumps, although they can be done with the one's toes as well. The timing for center blade edge-jumps is crucial because there's an exact moment when potential energy becomes kinetic energy, and it is at THAT moment when the skater must jump. Lastly, there are seven different known types of edge-jumps. They are described below. If you can learn all of these edge-jumps, you will have truly experienced what Pure Energy feels like.

  • Different types of edge-jumps: (video at the right)
  • 1. FORWARD edge-jump: A regular 360° or 720° but with a hook. (2:51) - (tutorial-1 - tutorial-2)
  • 2. Front Side edge-jump: Similar to doing a Hawk Turn but with less kneebend. (3:37)
  • 3. Fakie edge-jump: Also known as "Backside." (4:37)
  • 4. One-Footed edge-jump: A Flare Jump. (5:20)
  • 5. Airflow edge-jump: The take-off is an Eagle Turn position. (5:57)
  • 6. Reverse Turn (one-footed) edge-jump: A Reverse Apolo's Turn and then jump. (6:50)
  • 7. Forward Turn (one-footed) edge-jump: A Forward Apolo's Turn and then jump. Not shown in video.

The video at the right talks about two different topics:
1) Edge jumps and 2) different types of Xtreme Ice Skating edge-jumps (for most of the video). Even though you're jumping and spinning in the air, this doesn't mean you're actually doing edge-jumps. You'll see an explanation of this in the video at (2:50). The skater uses 'brute force' to gain height instead of properly executing an edge-jump. Commentary follows throughout the entire video.